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Practice 2 April and Tryouts
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2nd Apr 2015

Hello VM members,

With this Post i want to remind you guys about our first practice tonight:
Don't forget to hit the going button!

During this practice we will be trying out:  
matungwa [Guest] 
MrEleven1181 [Guest] 

In the evening when i come online ill give you the permissions needed on the website so that you can view the Teamspeak server. All you need to do it just press the name of the server and  your web browser should open op the Teamspeak application and put you in our server. The password to the server is: VMbaby

I will be online before the event in Teamspeak so feel free to join me. I will be going off around 1830 GMT+2 to go to practice and ill be back around 2100 GMT +2 the event should start at 2200 GMT +2 so i should be in time. If i run late its because of traffic but i think one of the other leaders will be there, well actually they should! VM website should aromatically change the time of the event to your local time. You need to set your local time in your profile.

Our goal for tonight is have a little bit of fun because this is our first official meetup as VM. I also want everyone to share some tactics they had by experience so that i can have an idea of all the other tactics out there. There are some maps out there where i don’t know yet what a good approach is and maybe one of you guys actually know a good one.

To the members who i didn’t heard back yet!
heartless [Guest] 
xShafferx10 [Guest] 

Can you guys please contact me through the VM website PM service ? 

See you guys on the battleField,

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